About Us



Cyber Air is one of the oldest virtual airlines in the world. We began operations in October 1994 (pre-Internet times) in the FS Forum of Compuserve Information. Today we have members flying all over the virtual world of Flight Simulators.

Cyber Air offers different types of virtual flying. We have Assigned Airline Flights and we also accept all kinds of Charter Flights.

Cyber Air has hubs on 2 continents and we are a great community. Membership is free.

There is no obligation to fly a specific number of flights with specific aircraft in a specific timeframe. You may fly offline or online in the Vatsim or IVAO networks.

If you want to talk to other Cyber Air pilots e.g. during online group flights or just because you would like to we recommend using a The Discord Cyber Air VA Company Channel, where we have general chat and online flying chat.

Since there is no “career system” where you have to work your way up to get permission for certain routes or aircraft there are not only young pilots but also lots of pilots 50 and up who are handling their everyday lives and jobs and can easily do so without additional constraints to their free time.

News will be published in our forum and with a few items on our dashboard page of the website. You can get access to our airplane liveries and other files in our forum also. We only accept registrations, which contain the Cyber Air ID in the forum name, for example "Joe Doe CYB123"

On registration we ask only for your full name and email address with location, this data is not shared with anyone beyond administration of this site and will be completely deleted if you ask to leave the Group.  We will comply with all GDPR regulations.

This VA is made up of a group of like minded flight Simulation enthusiasts, it is not a business interest and does not have any financial operations other then a very small group of us paying for the hosting services of this website.  You will not be asked to provide any funding.

The administration of this site and its forum is undertaken by Doug J who is based in the United Kingdom.  The website is hosted and run from the British Indian Ocean territory.

To protect the members of this group no addresses or telephone number will be displayed however if you wish to make contact with the administration please use the default email address of cyberair at cyber-air.org.  The address will be checked at frequent times to ensure all matter are dealt with.